How to Choose a Retired Greyhound

How to Choose a Retired Greyhound

As most greyhound owners will tell you, their dog is really the one that did the choosing at adoption time. With the help of an experienced adoption coordinator, you can choose the perfect retired greyhound for your nest.

Step 1

Fill out an adoption interest application with an adoption group in your area. If you need assistance with finding a local adoption group, see the Greyhound Gang's Adoption Group Locator. You'll find a link to the web page in this article's Resources section.

Step 2

Meet with an adoption coordinator from the adoption group of your choice to discuss what you are looking for in a greyhound. Be forthright about your expectations and wishes for a dog. Doing so will help the adoption group to more closely match you with an appropriate dog. For example, you might need a cat-safe dog, or a dog that is good with children, or a very quiet dog, or a dog that would enjoy apartment living, or a dog that would enjoy a huge yard. Says It's a Grey Area Greyhound Adoption President Lesley Tierney Ezkovich, "Prior to placing dogs, we get to know each dog's personality and temperament extremely well while they're in our foster care program. This allows us to match greyhounds and adopters based on dog suitability and adoptive family dynamics."

Step 3

Review the possible matches with your adoption coordinator. Sometimes there will be one greyhound that is an especially good match for your home, but often there are several dogs that could be good matches.

Step 4

Meet your greyhound matches. Your adoption group will coordinate a chance for you to meet your potential new greyhound. During this meeting you will be able to interact with the dog or dogs that appear to be good matches to help you decide if one is the right choice. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy meeting the dogs, and try not to be nervous. When you meet the right greyhound for you, you'll know. When your new greyhound comes to you with love in his eyes, you may find that the dog really does do the choosing.


  • If you feel that your living situation might be an impediment to adopting a greyhound, don't despair: There is an adoption group and a greyhound right for nearly anyone. Because greyhounds are adaptable and easygoing dogs, they're suited to live in many domestic environments. Many greyhounds live with first-time greyhound adopters, in homes with cats and other dogs, in homes with young children, in high-rise apartments, and alongside pet birds and rabbits.


  • One of the biggest mistakes a new adopter can make is choosing a greyhound based on appearance. Make coat color of minimal importance. The most important thing is how well the dog will acclimate to your home and family. No matter what color of greyhound you end up adopting, you'll soon firmly feel that yours is the most beautiful greyhound in the world.

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